In order to give access to your reports or your teevity setup, you can manage multiple user account for the same company.

The different types of users (TopLevelAdmin / Admin / Admin-Readonly / User)

A user can have different status:

  • Top Level Admin: Initial account behind the creation of the company. This is the main account.
  • Admin: accounts that had almost the same authority as the top level admin
  • Admin-Readonly (coming soon): Has a full read access, like an admin, but can't edit data
  • User: Has a restricted access, configurer by admins with write rights

Managing users

To add, remove or edit users, go to the preferences view (by clicking on your email in the upper right corner, then "Preferences"). Then in the left sidebar, click on "Users management":

Result image

Adding users

Adding a single user

Simply click on the link "Create new Teevity user account" and then specify the email of your colleague and the access level.

Adding multiple users

Configuring the dashboard for non admin users

Integrating with a Directory (Google Apps, AD, SAML)