Start Teevity Dynamic Cost Explorer (DCE)

In the "Detailed cost analytics" section, click on the button on the right "Dynamic Cost Explorer". If the DCE hasn't been started for a while you might have to wait few minutes while it loads before using it.

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Tools available


The summary view is a very light report, that sums up your cloud costs for the past month. There is very few options available on this view, but it allow a quick overlook before analyzing in more details.

Note: You can't save this view under reports.


The detail view offers more possibility than the summary view. You can:

  • Define a precise period
  • Show cost or usage
  • Group by multiple attributes
  • Aggregate on a given period of time (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Filter on each attribute

Filter options

Regexp and stuff


With the compare view you can view the different between two reports. It can be useful in these gieven scenarios:

  • Inspect the savings made thanks to RI purchases
  • Inspect the savings made thanks to the automated switch-off of resources during out office hours
  • Inspect the savings made thanks to an EBS drive size reduction
  • Inspect the savings made thanks to the Provisionned IOPS reduction of an a PIOPS EBS drive

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You can do that by filtering accounts or CostAllocationUnits. You may also want to filter services (EC2, S3, GCE/GCS, ...) if you think other services might interfere with your comparison

In the reference data, chose which time granularity you want to determine the point-in-time period, and then chose the period of time


If the point-in-time period you select is smaller than the granularity (ex you have selected a 4h window with a 'Daily' time-granularity) data will be inferred based on this selected period to match.


The reservation view can be used to see the RI coverage