Declare your Azure Enterprise account

Here is the information you need to collect.

  • Enrollment Name - The name you want to see in your Teevity dashboard for this enrollment. It's up to you !
  • Enrollment Number - Your Enrollment Number is on the home screen of your Azure EA console. Screenshot.
  • Azure EA access key - This is a (very long) string that gives read-only API access to the billing information for all the subscriptions of your Azure enrollment. (show me).

Security and confidentiality

All the information submitted through this wizard is encrypted locally inside your Web browser (using the RSA algorithm with a 2048 bits key) and is then sent over HTTPS to our secure datacenter (hosted on the Google Cloud).

When received, it is stored in its encrypted form and is never decrypted there (ie the private keys needed to decrypt this data are not alongside the encrypted data.).

The data is decrypted on a separate Cloud (AWS) and is only decrypted during short period of times, when needed.